KinderCrowdControl™- Selah

This 7 song opus, entitled "Selah", is the first release by the new musical group KinderCrowdControl™. KinderCrowdControl™ is the latest brainchild of musical wizards Adam Elesh and Brett Smith, who were the core songwriters behind the original Los Angeles based musical group Drowning Pool. "Selah" An Aural Tradition: From the ancient Hebrew, occurs innumerable times in the Psalms; an interlude or pause in singing voices, while the instruments perform alone. A pause in order to reflect. Total playing time: 22.5 mins. Songs included are: Airborn; (The Return Of) Robin Goodfellow; The Heat Seeker; Silent Blue; Godchord; Lovebomb; Marwar Junction. Individually numbered first edition of 1000 copies, hand letter pressed package by Licher Art And Design. ©2011 KinderCrowdControl™/Drowning Pool Music BMI.
KinderCrowdControl- Selah.
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